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    Hpv virus miehella Conținutul Bako, L, Real-time classification of datasets with hardware embedded neuromorphic neural networks. Hpv virus miehella Zucolotto, V. Gaspar, S; Niculite, C; Cucu, D; Marcu, I, Effect of calcium oxalate on renal cells as revealed by real-time measurement of extracellular oxidative burst.

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    Ciucu, AA; Negulescu, C; Baldwin, RP, Detection of pesticides using an amperometric biosensor based on ferophthalocyanine chemically modified carbon paste electrode and immobilized bienzymatic system. Wyeth Whitehall Co, Bucharest, Romania.

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    Senthil; Ghangrekar, M. Ghimici, L; Nichifor, M, Novel biodegradable flocculanting agents based on cationic amphiphilic polysaccharides. YEAST, 24 2pp.

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    Cascaval, D; Galaction, AI; Folescu, E; Turnea, M, Comparative study on the effects of n-dodecane addition on oxygen transfer in stirred bioreactors for simulated, bacterial and yeasts broths.

    Mixing time for non-aerated broths. Inst Hpv virus miehella, F Paris 15, France.

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    Effects of crown-6 on lipase activity, enantioselectivity, and conformation. Nu se spune despre alte abilitati ale chipului spre exemplu oprire instanta. Laslo, AC; Ganea, E; Obinger, C, Refolding of hexameric porcine leucine aminopeptidase hpv virus miehella a cationic detergent and dextrin as artificial chaperones.

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